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Customize your packing for the specific adventure, , length of time, mode of transportation and find multi-purposes for items so you can pack less! Embrace washing clothes in a sink, bathtub, shower or river.

Customize your packing for the specific adventure, weather conditions, length of time, mode of transportation and always find multi-purposes for items so you can pack less! Embrace washing clothes in a sink, bathtub, shower or river.

Adventure –  What kind of gear and apparel is needed?  Are you bringing gear or can you rent it when you get there?

Weather – Know the seasons and what to expect, not just if it will be hot, cold, humid, arid, rainy, windy etc.  In certain areas, seasonal conditions can result in an abundance of mosquitos, flies and other peculiarities that many travelers overlook.

Length of Time – For leisure adventures, mix and match clothes to create different outfits. What you pack for a 3 day trip is the same amount needed for  a 2 week trip. No more.For rugged adventures, functionality of what you wear is more important, pack weight and the ability to layer up for colder weather.

Transportation – Never check a bag if you can help it. This eliminates the airlines opportunity to lose it. Know the airlines baggage policy when it comes to fees and weight restrictions.

Don’t underestimate the challenges of negotiating trains, subways and stairs with a lot of luggage.  Sometimes a backpack is easier to strap-on versus dragging wheeled luggage on and off trains/subways and up and down stairs.

Multi-Purpose – Whether its a leisure adventure or rugged, find multi-purposes for items you pack. For ladies, if you need to dress it up, bring a sarong or maxi-skirt. Both can be worn as a skirt or as a dress.  Shorts for men can be swim trunks. Below are examples of other multi-purpose items.

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