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National Geographic Adventure – Grand to Grand Ultra: Gear and Training for a 160-Mile Backpacking Race by Payge McMahon

Payge McMahon writes for National Geographic Adventure magazine’s Beyond the Edge, on training and gearing up for the Grand to Grand Ultra, a 160 mile, self-supported, backpacking race taking place, September 23-29, 2012 .  Find out how she worked out to physically prepare and what she decided to use for a backpack, food, clothes and shoes. Read the full article ...
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McMahon write for Women’s Adventure Magazine: Gearing Up for a 160-Mile Backpack Race

Payge McMahon writes for Women’s Adventure Magazine on what it is like, Gearing Up for a 160-Mile Backpack Race. She has spent the past six-months training and gearing up  for the inaugural Grand to Grand Ultra.  A first of its kind self-supported ultra in North America, it is a first of any kind of marathon for McMahon.  More of a backpacker ...
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ESPN W Features Payge McMahon on “Journeys & Victories”

ESPN W features Payge McMahon’s inspiring story on ‘Journeys & Victories.’ Watch the video and read the article titled, “Payge McMahon Tackles Her Mother’s Bucket List.” Payge on ESPN W  
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Self Reliance Illustrated features ‘Ask Payge’- Outdoor Advice Column

Get Self Reliance Illustrated!!! The new outdoor magazine created by Dave Canterbury from Dual Survivor and BHK. Each issue will feature ‘ASK PAYGE’, my fun advice column on backpacking, gear, and all things wilderness:-) Get your subscription today: www.selfrelianceillustrated.com Check it out folks!!
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JMT Backpack List

Wednesday – August 18, 2010    Bear Canister = 13 lbs 1 – Laughing Cow Cheese               1 – Jar of Goobers (PB&J) 1 – Summer Sausage                       24 – Grape Gatorade Packets 8 – Chicken-Tuna Packets              1 – Mountain House Beef Stew (freeze dried)  12 – Natural Fruit Roll-Ups            1 – Dr. Bonner’s Peppermint All-Purpose Soap (16 oz.) First-Aid Kit                                              Toiletries Backpack ...
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