Mom’s Bucket List

I have composed a “TO DO” list of some of the things I would like ‘to do’ in the near future. People say if you write something down, as in a check-list, you are more apt to actually do it. Call it a “Bucket List” or a “To Do” list, call it whatever you like, I challenge YOU to think about all the things you would do, write them down and then…. DO ‘EM!!!!

What are your Bucket List ideas and suggestions?

E-mail me or post your ideas on my Facebook Fan page and inspire others with your suggestions!

1 7 Wonders of the World Completed: 2018
2 Attend the Iditarod in Alaska and go Dog Sledding Completed: 2011
3 Colorado River Whitewater Rafting Completed: 2007
4 Sahara Desert Camel Trekking Completed December 2009
5 Sail on the Nile River Completed November 2009
6 Climb Atlas Mountains in Morocco
7 Hike The John Muir Trail in California Completed September 2009
8 Antarctica Adventure
9 Climb Mt. Rainer in Washington, USA Completed July 2009
10 Climb, Summit Mt. Kilimanjaro*, Serengeti Safari, Trek Rift Valley & Diving in Zanzibar, Tanzania Completed: 2008
11 Himalayan Trekking – Nepal Completed: October 2011
12 The North Pole & Polar Bears
13 Run a Marathon Pending 2015
14 Peruvian Andes Trekking of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Completed: 2007
15 Amazon River & Jungle Exploration Completed: 2007
16 Swiss Alps Bobsledding & Skiing Completed: 2002
17 Mongolian Horseback Trekking of Genghis Khan’s path to Europe
18 Hike Trail du Mont Blanc (France, Italy & Switzerland) = Alps Completed: 2015
19 Australian Trek Great Dividing Range, Climb Mt. Kosciuszko, Crocodile Cage Dive in Darwin & Dive Great Barrier Reef
20 Shark Cage Diving – South Africa
21 USA & International Volunteering On-Going
22 Zambia White Water Rafting in Victoria Falls
23 Climb, Summit Mt. Aconcagua* in Argentina
24 Costa Rica Coast to Coast: Traverse from the Pacific to the Atlantic – hiking, mt. biking & kayaking Completed: 2013
25 Southeast Asia – Cycle Thailand, Cambodia (Angkor Wat) & Vietnam Completed: 2008