Payge teaches fun and informative yoga workshops all over the world.  She also offers private instructions in Nashville, TN.  For more information, contact her at [email protected]

Yoga Workshops Rockin’ Vinyasa Yoga for Athletes (2 or 2.5 hours)

This workshop will pump you up! Designed for athletes, this powerful yoga workout combines the best of Vinyasa, Budokon and Iyengar Yoga. It will focus on alignment, strength, dynamic resistance, balance, agility and stability. It will increase your flexibility, especially in the hips, legs and shoulders. Take your yoga practice to another level, be prepared to try new things and sweat. Fun standing and arm balances are included! *This workshop can be ‘All Levels’ or separated into Levels I, II & III.

Recovery Yoga for Sports (2 or 2.5 hours)

Whether you are a runner, mountain climber or football player, this class is for you. Payge will teach a post-workout routine that incorporates a cool-down Vinyasa sequence, core strength engagement and key stretching positions. Designed to minimize muscle soreness, avoid injuries and recover faster. All Levels

“Yoga is the #1 cross-training activity athletes can do to help increase their performance.”
~ Payge McMahon


According to the Outdoor Industry Association, a $120 Billion will be spent on outdoor recreation apparel, footwear, gear and accessories.  

The SFIA (Sports & Fitness Industry Association) reports that 35% of outdoor athletes/ adventure racers cross train in yoga.

Staying physically fit is essential in minimizing the chronic pain from my injury. Regardless of old injuries, age or current physical condition, everyone needs to balance their lives with exercise and proper diet.

I swear by YOGA and firmly believe EVERYONE should cross train in it.  It has changed my life and has helped my back injury more then anything else.

Payge specializes in training athletes and those recovering from injuries. She combines the best of Vinyasa, Budokon (martial arts influenced) and Iyengar yoga to maximize athletes’ performance and reduce recovery time. Some of her students include NFL, MLB players, MMA, marathon runners and triathletes. She received her yoga teaching certification in 2008, through YogaWorks in Koh Phangan, Thailand. She has studied in India and Nepal, trained with Shiva Rea, DDP (Diamond Dallas Page) and Yoga for Athletes author, Sage Rountree.