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Fabulous Women Over 40: Ms. September is Payge McMahon

Renowned Photographer, Sheri ONeal, features Payge McMahon, in her ‘Fabulous Women Over 40’ series. “Payge McMahon is an amazing testament of courage and inspiration; it proves that your life direction can change in the blink of an eye.” ~ Sheri ONeal At 16, Payge was in a car accident that broke her back and left her in a body cast. ...
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Arctic Circle magazine caught up with Canada Goose person, Payge McMahon, to get the low-down on her experience on National Geographic’s new adventure/survival series, The Raft.  Read the original article here. If Titanic is your favourite film and Castaway inspired you to take to the open water, then make sure you check out The Raft. Now in its first season, this adventure survival show by National ...
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Payge McMahon, in The Raft, New Adventure/Survival Series on Nat Geo Channel

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE “In a grueling test of survival and human endurance, two pairs of strangers are dropped in the Bermuda Triangle with no food or water, hundreds of miles apart. They must survive with meager provisions for a week, adrift in life rafts, until they reach land.” The Raft: Bump in the Night   Nashville’s Payge McMahon, appears in The ...
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The Benefits of Yoga – Hormones, Memory, Aging, Stress & Pain

Still thinking about doing yoga and need yet, another reason to start?  Read this article I wrote for Sotto Pelle. Maybe it will help you start! The Benefits of Yoga – Hormones, Memory, Aging, Stress & Pain By Payge McMahon The practice of meditation and yoga, a mind-body therapy, slows down the aging process and can help those suffering from traumatic ...
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Payge’s TOP 3 – 2015 Adventure Recommendations

  If you need some ideas for your Bucket List….here are my Top 3 Recommendations for 2015! Backpack the Tour du Mont Blanc – Europe (France, Italy and Switzerland)   In the summer of 2014, I completed this trek in 9-days, starting and finishing in Courmayeur, Italy. The Tour du Mont Blanc is a famous 170km (105 miles) trek around Mt. ...
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