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Inversions & Japanese


I am loving living at the beach and enjoy my 20 minute, straight up the mountain, cardio workout each morning.  I walk to class with 2 other yoga students who moved down to the bungalows.  They have dubbed us ‘Team Baywatch”

We also have ‘Team Japan’.  3 of the students are from the Japanese island of Shikoku and speak very little English. I admire their efforts in learning yoga and Sanskrit via English.  Today at our beach bar hangout I asked them to teach me some Japanese. They are all so sweet and I want to be able to communicate with them more.

Classes are coming along nicely. We are working on ‘Inversions’ this week. I know this means nothing to many of you, but it means lots of headstands, handstands and some other funky moves which put me upside down.  Its progressively harder, physcially then last week and next week will be even harder as we work on backbends.  Fun!

After classs I enjoy the beach and go to my little outdoor internet pad/ yoga hangout.  The “Salad Hut” is this covered outdoor bar right on the beach with great food and an incredible ‘coffee shake’ for 60 bahts (less then $2).  They have 2 internet computers on the side by the bar.  Its nice to email, update my website and listen to the waves at the same time I have dinner here now instead of hiking the mile back up to the Pyramid Jungle place.  I don’t mind.  Dinner only cost me…maybe $3-4 and it gets me quite a lot of food.  This may be the first trip I take where I DON’T lose weight.  The food is SOOOO good!