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Thailand: Elephants Volunteering – Feed, Wash & Play

Trip Report Thailand: Volunteering – Elephant Nature Park Get close and personal when volunteering at Elephant Nature Park in the Chiang Mai province of Northern Thailand. You will prepare the elephants food, feed them, and wade in the river with the gentle giants to scrub their hides while they bathe. The ENP is 60 miles north of the city of ...
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Africa: Serengeti, Tanzania – An ‘Out of Africa’ Experience at The Kirawira Serena Luxury Camp

Trip Report Serengeti, Tanzania & The Kirawira Serena Luxury Camp If Robinson Crusoe were stranded in the middle of Africa, The Kirawira Serena Luxury Camp is what I’d picture he’d build. Located in Western Serengeti, 334km from Arusha the main climbing hub for Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Kirawira is the epitome of a classic ‘Out of Africa’ luxury safari camp.The 25 widely spaced ...
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Annapurna Circuit Trek Begins!

186 miles, 17,768 foot mountain pass, 30 lb backpack, 14 days, 12 Snickers bars and Tang. Yup, I said Tang. I forgot my electrolyte packets at home and they don’t have any in Pokhara, Nepal so Tang is the next best thing. I feel like I’m 6 again and thinking of astronauts.  If you have no idea what I am talking ...
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Days 10-11 (Nepal Adventure): Welcome to the Jungle!

Who knew Nepal has jungles? I didn’t…but on a safari in Chitwan National Park, standing 20 feet away from a resting rhino that soon stood up to charge us, I do now! Bonus was coming out of the jungle and having a 10 foot python stop us in our tracks. Now, that all happened near the end of a 3 ...
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Days 4 & 5 (India Adventure): Charming Cobras, Rajastani Palace Guards & Delhi Belly strikes the group!

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “do one thing each day that scares you.”  I did just that in Jaipur yesterday.  I can now add ‘Snake Charmer’ to my resume of crazy $#*t that I’ll try.  I sat with a snake charmer and pet a cobra! Sure, on the outside I was smiling but my inside voice was saying “nice snake…please don’t ...
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