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Learjet, Cryosurgery & Payge McMahon = Go Steelers!

Once in awhile I get spoiled! I joined Cryosurgery and Learjets for a quick round trip flight up to Cincinnati for Monday Night Football: Bengals vs. Steelers. Being a country girl from Pennsylvania, of course I was cheering for the Steelers (BTW- they won;-) I enjoyed the stadium suite, meeting new folks and getting a special preview ride in the ...
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The John Muir Trail – WE FINISHED IT!!!

A year ago, my hiking partner, Ken Huff and I started the 221 JMT in Yosemite and headed south.  We had ambitions to go straight through, but that didn’t happen.  Thanks to a plethora of giant, weeping, raw and bleeding blisters, we were forced to stop, after 80+ miles, at the Vermillion Valley Resort (VVR).  We vouched to return and complete the JMT the ...
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JMT Backpack List

Wednesday – August 18, 2010    Bear Canister = 13 lbs 1 – Laughing Cow Cheese               1 – Jar of Goobers (PB&J) 1 – Summer Sausage                       24 – Grape Gatorade Packets 8 – Chicken-Tuna Packets              1 – Mountain House Beef Stew (freeze dried)  12 – Natural Fruit Roll-Ups            1 – Dr. Bonner’s Peppermint All-Purpose Soap (16 oz.) First-Aid Kit                                              Toiletries Backpack ...
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Inversions & Japanese

I am loving living at the beach and enjoy my 20 minute, straight up the mountain, cardio workout each morning.  I walk to class with 2 other yoga students who moved down to the bungalows.  They have dubbed us ‘Team Baywatch” We also have ‘Team Japan’.  3 of the students are from the Japanese island of Shikoku and speak very ...
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24 Hours in Ethiopia- If you blink, you’ll sleep.

Jambo! (Swahili for “Hello”) Well…we are in Tanzania and getting ready to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.  We leave our quaint lodge in Arusha tomorrow morning at 8:30am and take a 45 minute ride to the Machme route starting point.  This climb should take 6-7 days.  If you don’t hear from me by next Sunday…those with my emergency contact info…please try to ...
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