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The John Muir Trail – WE FINISHED IT!!!

A year ago, my hiking partner, Ken Huff and I started the 221 JMT in Yosemite and headed south.  We had ambitions to go straight through, but that didn’t happen.  Thanks to a plethora of giant, weeping, raw and bleeding blisters, we were forced to stop, after 80+ miles, at the Vermillion Valley Resort (VVR).  We vouched to return and complete the JMT the ...
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JMT Backpack List

Wednesday – August 18, 2010    Bear Canister = 13 lbs 1 – Laughing Cow Cheese               1 – Jar of Goobers (PB&J) 1 – Summer Sausage                       24 – Grape Gatorade Packets 8 – Chicken-Tuna Packets              1 – Mountain House Beef Stew (freeze dried)  12 – Natural Fruit Roll-Ups            1 – Dr. Bonner’s Peppermint All-Purpose Soap (16 oz.) First-Aid Kit                                              Toiletries Backpack ...
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Bangkok Protests- Airports Shut Down

Earlier this morning we learned major protests were going on in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand. The people want the current Prime Minister to resign. They believe he is more corrupt then the previous one. Thousands of protesters converged on the capital city and rushed tourist airports breaking windows, security screening areas and disrupting flights. The airports of Phuket, ...
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Thai Massages aka Chiropractors with Hawaiian Shirts

The beaches have many entrepreneur masseurs perched on wide, wooden platforms with mattresses eagerly waiting for their next client. I finally had one of the famous Thai Massages. For only 250 baht (or about $7-8 for 1 hour) you to can have a little, middle-aged, Thai women in a red Hawaiian shirt and long skirt, knee you in the thighs, step all ...
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Acupuncture and Yoga

I tried acupuncture for the first time last night.  One of our instructors specializes in it along with Chinese medicines.  It was pretty cool. She somehow read from my pulse that I had some type of kidney deficiency along with sleeping issues.  Now…I had a full physical before I left the U.S. and nothing came up regarding my kidneys, but I ...
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