I’m off to Southeast Asia!


I’m leaving tomorrow morning for Bangkok, Thailand. It will take me almost 21 hours flying, not counting a 5 hour lay-over in Tokyo. Can’t wait! I’m flying solo on this trip and meeting up with a cycling group from England on July 13 in Bangkok. We start from there, biking through Thailand and Cambodia and into Vietnam.

Some people ask me, “why would you want to do something like that?” There are several reasons; 1.) I’ve never been to Asia and I prefer being active and out in the country, meeting the people of the land…versus in a major city. 2.) Cycling is my weakest sport and I’m stubborn in mastering it. 3.) My 3 step-sisters’ mother is from Vietnam. They have been my sisters since I was 6 years old and I think it would be interesting learning more about that side of the family. 4.) I’ve always wanted to visit Angkor Wat, the great temple city in Cambodia. There are just so many other reasons for getting out of our comfort zone, to learn and experience life outside our privileged world.

Wish me luck amigos!