Thursday, January 21, 2021

Holy Dog Power & 24 Big Macs!!??

Imagine eating the equivalent of 24 McDonald’s Big Macs everyday and then running an average of 122 miles everyday  for 9.5 days in a row.  Now picture running this distance in -50F temperatures, deep...

McMahon write for Women’s Adventure Magazine: Gearing Up for a 160-Mile Backpack Race

Payge McMahon writes for Women's Adventure Magazine on what it is like, Gearing Up for a 160-Mile Backpack Race. She has spent the past six-months training and gearing up  for the inaugural Grand to Grand...

McMahon enters the G2G Ultra – A 160 Mile Race Through the Grand Canyon

Payge McMahon enters the Grand 2 Grand Ultra, a 160-mile, self-supported, stage footrace across the Grand Canyon, September 23-29, 2012. Competitors from around the world will take part in this, first of its kind,...

Endurance Racing Magazine

Payge McMahon is featured in the July/August issue of Endurance Racing Magazine.  Competing in your 40's...what is it like?  Why do you do it? How do you train and what is you next challenge?...

The 39th Annual Iditarod = the Super Bowl of Sled Dog Races and NASCAR…hmmmm

Exciting, Breathtaking, Colorful, Tradition and Pageantry are the words I use to describe attending the 39th Annual Iditarod.  It was my first time at the Super Bowl of sled dog races and truly one...